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New layout

Okay, it`s me again. Yes a`m not dead. In this 2 month i was busy with my exams and after i wasn't at home until today. So in next week i also will not be at home, because of that i can`t upload new graphics. Sorry minna-san T____T
But i decided to chance layout of my community. As you can see, i chance all. Color, header, other.
Header...it was very funny to make it. I know that Clamp didn't show us faces of parents R!Syaoran, but we know that his father is CCS!Syaoran. So i use scan of 192 ch and scan from 23 volume and made and colored scan and than - header.
Hope you like it^__^
[TRC] >Sakura >Sayonara..
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[Tsubasa Tokyo]Whispers in the dark

Ok, this is my new amv what i made about 2 weeks. I am a big fan of Skillet, so i decided to make amv on this song. This is the first time when i used Sony Vegas, not Adobe Premiere, so there are a lot of mistakes, it`s new program for me. But i`ve tried my best. I hope..
Anime - Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations
Music - Skillet - Whispers in the dark
Made by me

i will upload download link later because in sunday and saturday i will not be at home, so if you like it, comment this post and i will upload download link as soon, as i will be home. Sorry about this, ne-ne?
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